China -Singapore Health 丨 Multi -country health officials focus on traditional medicine: strengthen exchanges and cooperation to promote innovation and development

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China News Network Nanchang, June 27 (Xiong Jinyang) “Different countries and nations have formed traditional medicine with their own characteristics and their own strengths, and make great contributions to maintaining people’s health.” On June 27, cooperation in Shanghai cooperation in 2024 Shanghai cooperationOrganize the main report of the traditional medical forum. Multi -country health officials focus on traditional medicine. It is recommended to strengthen academic and cultural exchanges to jointly promote the development of traditional medicine inheritance and innovation.
“In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese medicine in my country, traditional pharmaceutical cooperation between China and Shanghai Cooperation Organizations have achieved noticeable achievements.” Huang Luqi, deputy director of the China National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in a keynote report that China attaches great importance to it. The development of medicine has successively introduced a series of policies and measures to promote the inheritance of Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation, helping the development of the “Healthy China” and “Belt and Road” Chinese medicine industry, and strengthened in terms of policy framework, scientific and technological cooperation, medical service supply, education talent training, etc. Exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions to promote the development of the traditional pharmaceutical industry.
According to Huang Luqi, the current Chinese medicine has been spread to 196 countries and regions. China has signed a special Chinese medicine cooperation agreement with more than 50 foreign governments, regional authorities and international organizations, and the content of Chinese medicine is included in 16 free trade agreements.In addition, 30 overseas centers of high -quality Chinese medicine have been constructed, 75 international cooperation bases for traditional Chinese medicine, and 31 Chinese medicine service export bases, which greatly accelerates the ability of Chinese Chinese medicine culture to spread overseas.”The transformation of health concepts and medical models has brought opportunities and challenges to the development of traditional medicine. We hope to work with all parties to consolidate traditional medical partnerships, deepen global health governance, and contribute to promoting traditional medicine for human health and health.”
Mao Sulin, deputy director of the Ministry of Health and Finance of the Ministry of Health, said in a keynote report that Cambodia has always attached great importance to the development and development of traditional medicine and traditional medicine.Therefore, Cambodia hopes to carry out more exchanges and cooperation with China in the development of traditional medicine and traditional medicine to jointly protect the health of the people and promote economic and social development.
Russian Perm National Medical University Chief of Medical University Anna Praraphova is making a keynote speech.Xiong Jinyang Photo
“On the basis of equality, mutual respect, and common development, our university has established cooperative relations with universities and research institutions of many member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.” Said Anna Praogravravova, the Chang of the National Medical University of Purce, Russia, said, “”In the past few decades, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has played an important role, which has established an indescribable bond between many countries in Eurasia, making us more united and reaching more consensus.”
2024 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Traditional Medical Forum was co -sponsored by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Organization and Neighbors and Friendship Cooperation Committee, and the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government. Through knowledge sharing, joint research and innovation, establish standards and certification systems, promote the integration of traditional pharmaceutical undertakings and industries, and jointly promote traditional traditional pharmaceuticals and industries.The development of the pharmaceutical industry and work together to build a community of human health and health.(over)

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