High -quality development research bank | Water ecological environment product value overflows with hydraulic city to benefit people’s livelihood

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CCTV News:Fuping County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province is located in the transitional area of ​​the Loess Plateau and the Guanzhong Plain.Now there are green corridors that integrate ecological protection and leisure sightseeing.
In the Hot Spring River Wetland Park, you can see the special forest belts, sports parks, and river wetlands along the boardwalk promenade.From the nearly disconnection before the comprehensive governance, to the current water area of ​​350,000 square meters; from the garbage piles in the river channel, such as mountains and sewage flow, to the current water clear shore green and lotus leaves.What changes have taken place in the middle?
At a ecological hydration point upstream in the hot spring river, 7,000 cubic meters of Zhongshui enters the river every day. These water comes from the North Sewage Treatment Plant in Fuping County.In recent years, Fuping County has focused on the key issues of “lack of water and less green”. In -depth water saving and expanding the increase in water resources. In 2023, the total water utilization of water was 5.7147 million cubic meters.At the same time, to promote the repair projects such as rivers remediation and slope greening, the river ecological restoration and the water environment have continued to improve, and the living environment has been significantly improved.
Zhang Hongxing, Deputy Director of the Institute of Water Conservancy Committee of the Yellow River Water Resources Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources, said that saving water use, expanding development space, and relying on the Shichuan River and the hot spring river governance to repair the water ecological environment of the water ecological environment, the value of the water ecological environment products spills the value of the water ecological environment.The epitome of protection and high -quality development can provide a useful reference for the promotion of high -quality development in the county.
Source: CCTV

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