Green Meizheng, Healthy Running!Henggang Street carried out the first jogging activity of employees

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On May 19th, the Henggang Street Federation of Longgang District, Shenzhen, launched the first “Green and Menggang, Healthy Running” employee jogging event. Hundreds of enterprise workers from all walks of life from the jurisdiction participated in this event.
In the early morning Yijin Park is full of forests, the beautiful scenery is picturesque.With the end of the warm -up campaign, a number order sounded, and the members of the running team moved towards the end. Everyone cheered each other, encouraged each other, or run along the road, or go together. The mighty running team became the green park greenA beautiful scenery.
The two -day cumulative jogging activity of 4 games in two days carried out in the form of “jogging+environmental protection”.Employees passed through Yijin Park, Daling Drum Greenway, Niu Shiwo Reservoir Greenway, 228 Grand Canal AI Software Town and other new “net red” punch points.At the same time, the employees do not forget to pick up cigarette cigarettes, white garbage and other debris, and clean up the public space along the line, making the road cleaner and more clean.Employees participating in the event said that the event gave them the opportunity to walk out of the office, enter nature, and feel the fun and sense of accomplishment of “picking up” in the new form.
The relevant person in charge of the Henggang Trade Union stated that the event allowed employees to strengthen teamwork, understand the importance of environmental protection, and advocate the healthy life of employees, and establish a spiritual appearance of hard work and hard work.
This activity takes the opportunity of healthy running as an opportunity to integrate health into life and work, and fully demonstrates that the Henggang Street Federation of Trade Unions is committed to leading employees to develop a lifestyle and a positive and healthy lifestyle;”Construction contributes to the quality of the Henggang environment.
Next, Henggang Street will continue to carry out badminton, tennis and basketball games, etc., continue to focus on the needs of grassroots and employees, continue to output wonderful cultural and sports activities, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of employees.
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