Shifeng District launches scientific parenting education activities

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Red Net Moment News May 22 News(Correspondent Bin Yang Su Zhen) On May 21, “Scientific Parenting Breeding Freshmen” during pregnancy care public welfare activities were held at the central center of Zhigu City, Jinglong Street, Shifeng District to promote eugenics and promoting the benefit of the people of scientific childcare and education activities., Normal, sharing.
At the event, Mr. Zhang Ping, Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zhuzhou City, explained the knowledge of parenting in a simple language and rich cases in a simple way, and extensively promoted the breeding of new students in science.Scientific parenting knowledge lecture.After the lecture, the interaction of nutritional knowledge was conducted, and the prospective dad experienced the analgesic of childbirth, so that the prospective dad actively experienced and felt the whole process of breeding delivery.
The “Scientific Parenting Breeding Freshman” Shi Feng’s special care of the public welfare activities during the pregnancy of Shi Feng has opened a series of publicity activities for the “entrustment of the future and seeing a good” childcare service to enter the park and enterprises.At present, there are 13 nursery institutions in Shifeng District, which can provide 1,400 trusts. Among them, 12 institutions relying on kindergartens to receive 12 children 2 to 3 years old childcare institutions.It can provide comprehensive education services for large enterprises such as CRRC and the employees of nearby parks to effectively reduce their parents’ burden on conservation infants and young children, thereby helping more families to nurture new students.

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