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Cover Journalist Bian Xue
As one of the most challenging and extensive high -tech fields in the world today, aerospace is a well -deserved representative of new knowledge productivity. Whether it is the scientific research spirit in the development of aerospace technology or the unremitting courage to build a dream skyExploration of unknown universe.
“Chang’e” took the moon, “Zhu Rong” explored the fire, and the space settled. The Chinese aerospace continued to dream of the stars and the sea for more than 60 years.
April 24th is the ninth “China Aerospace Day”, and the China Aerospace Conference opened in 2024.Entrusted by the Academic Committee of the China Aerospace Society and the Academic Committee of the China Aerospace Conference, Wang Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Minister of Research and Development of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., released the scientific problems and technical problems in the field of space in 2024.
The main forum of China Aerospace Conference.(Picture source network)
A total of 10 scientific issues and technical problems released this time are the gravity field effects of the use of extraterrestrial resources, the outer celestial germination standard dynamic problem, the control particle control mechanism and method of space belt particleMars carbon dioxide in situ utilization technology, ice superstar detection task design and key technologies, moon -based square kilometers of radical astronomical antenna construction technology, space computing center construction and operating technology, small celestial body detection and development intelligent flexible adhesion technology, aerospace remote sensing large modelIndustrialization application technology, reused rocket reuse fast assessment and verification technology.
Wang Wei said that aerospace technology workers should consciously bear the sacred mission and historical responsibilities, and promote the development of new industries and new kinetic energy such as disruptive technology and cutting -edge technologies, and accelerate the realization of high -level technology self -reliance.
The release is the fifth release event since the Chinese Aerospace Conference released for the first time in scientific issues and technical problems in the field of space.In the past five years, the research on related issues has promoted the establishment and implementation of scientific research projects. It is of great significance for layout of the development direction of the cutting -edge scientific and technological development of aerospace and creating the source of original technology.
“With the solicitation and release of problems, how to promote the basic research and application research in the field of space, stimulate the fire of innovation, open the flowers of technology, and make the fruit of the industry have become the primary topic of this activity.”Wang Wei told the cover news reporter that the China Aerospace Society will follow the way problems and important progress will be released in the following year, so as to promote the research and reserves of new concept technologies and disruptive technologies in the field of astronal, strengthen the cooperation innovation mechanism, create a coordinated innovation mechanism, buildScientific and technological innovation chain has promoted high -level scientific and technological innovation and development in the field of space.
What are the specific questions?
1. The issue of gravity field effects of extraterrestrial resources
Outblowing resources are an important goal of future deep space detection. The gravity field effect involves the exploration-Yun-Hui-Cai-Selection-Metallurgical and other aspects of external resources. It is an important technological issue that needs to be resolved in the field of deep space.Therefore, carrying out the research on gravity field effects in outdoor resources and obtaining a breakthrough in theoretical research and technological innovation, which is of great significance to lead the rapid development of high -tech in the field of space.
2. Outblowing celestial germination scale dynamics issues
In the external environment, the movement and interaction of Asian microns to Asia to the Asian millimeter -to -scale granules are very complicated. Its dynamic mechanism is to reveal the formation of the formation of the solar system and the corresponding mechanism of contact with the corresponding mechanism of the star table material.Major scientific issues.It is of great significance to break through the theoretical barrier, evaluate the economic value of outdoor material resources, and the development of star table resource detection and development equipment.
3. The control mechanism and method of space with charging particles
There is a large amount of electricity particles carrying energy and multi -dimensional information in the outside space, which causes interference and damage effects on the aerospace activities, and also contains research and utilization value.In -depth research on the control mechanism and methods of wide energy -band electrical particles in a complex space environment, which is of great significance for improving the safety of the savage activities in the extreme service environment, development and use of space -strip particle resources.
4. Mars carbon dioxide use technology facing manned deep space detection technology
The use of Mars carbon dioxide in situ is a technology that is transformed into key raw materials required for energy supply, resource development, and agricultural production by capturing the high -concentration of carbon dioxide in Mars at the atmospheric atmosphere.The breakthrough of this technology will effectively reduce the dependence of Mars survival and exploration activities on the earth, and effectively support the sustainable development of deep -space detection tasks such as outdoor manned exploration and future space immigrants.
5. Bing superstar detection task design and key technologies
In the solar system, the heavenly king and Neptune are typical ice superstars, which is a giant star composed of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, etc.Through a task to achieve ice superstar surround, atmospheric entry, and detection of its satellites, the research of aircraft technology research that can reach 30 astronomical units and supports long -term observation, breaks through extremely long -distance aircraft intelligent autonomy, efficient energy and promotion, measurement and control communication communication, measurement and control communication communicationSuch technologies are expected to obtain important scientific discoveries related to the origin and origin of life.
6. Moon -based square kilometers of radio power antenna array construction technology
Construction of a square kilometer -level distributed radio telescope antenna array on the back of the moon. Its key technologies involve a series of complex Yu Airlines system engineering problems such as the moon transportation, moon construction, data return, and extreme environment.Construction.Research results can fill the technology gap of astronomical observation of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation, and may make important explorations and discoveries in the field of cosmic and solar outer planets.
7. The construction and operation technology of the Space Computing Center
The construction and operating technology of the Space Computing Center provides energy through space solar energy, and normalize provides key technologies for the “number of days and days”, “land counting”, and the world integrated computing power service space calculation center.The breakthrough of this technology will promote the realization of the green energy advantage of the “calculation of electricity” in the space solar power plant and the space computing center, as well as the advantages of the wide area access provision of the wide area of space computing center, in -depth optimization of the national basic computing power facilities and the basic computing power facilities and the basic computing power facilities and the national computing power facilities andEnergy layout has strongly supports the development and development of the space technology industry.
8. Smart and flexible adhesion technology for small celestial body detection and development
Realizing the steady attachment of the weak gravity surface is an important prerequisite for carrying out the in -situ detection and resource development of small celestial bodies, and it is also a major problem facing the international space.Develop high -autonomous, highly reliable intelligent flexible adhesion technology, promote the transformation of the landing mode from rigid to flexible, and realize the autonomous and stable attachment of intelligent flexible bodies. It is of great significance for human exploration of space scientific exploration and external resources.
9. Industrial application technology of Aerospace remote sensing model
The development of a large model of aerospace remote sensing has made the blending of digital earth and the real world more agile and smart.Technical difficulties, its large -scale applications are of great significance for the construction of new productive forces in aerospace remote sensing, the construction of global holographic service capabilities in the global holographic service capacity, and the intelligent upgrade of the aerospace industry.
10. Repeat the rocket reuse fast assessment and verification technology
In response to the reliable, efficient, and economic reuse of carrier rocket storage box, cabin section, supercharging system, electronics and electrical and electrical products, the impact of reused flight loads and environmental conditions on various products; different products damage modes and damage models and injuries The degree of the impact on reuse performance; the rapid assessment technology of breaking the rocket reuse life consumption, forming a fast assessment criteria and processes in operation, ensuring reuse reliability, and an important role in improving the comprehensive competitiveness of my country’s Rockets.

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