Fujian Li Push Packaging Food Label Optimization Create a new environment of transparent consumption

China News Service, Fujian News, May 7th. On May 7th, the optimized pre -packaged food label labeling initiative led by the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and sponsored by the Fujian Food Industry Association was held in Fuzhou.This activity responded to the call of the General Administration of Market Supervision, and proposed a series of practical optimization measures for the food production date and shelf life of consumers’ general concern to the food production date and shelf life, which aims to promote food production to promote food productionEnterprises improve label signs, so that consumers can more conveniently and clearly identify pre -packaged food information, and jointly build a safe, transparent and convenient food consumption environment.
At the meeting, Xie Zaichun, deputy director of the Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, emphasized the importance of food labels in protecting consumers’ right to know and choice, and maintaining food safety.He called on food companies to actively respond to the announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision. By optimizing food label logo, consumers encountered the troubles encountered by food when buying food, protecting consumer rights, and promoting the healthy development of the enterprise.He also emphasized the role of enterprise as the first person in charge of food safety, encouraged the enterprise to actively act, improve the content and labeling technology in combination with the actual situation, and strengthen social supervision, jointly create a safe and assured food consumption environment, promote the high food industry in Fujian’s food industry,Quality development.
It is reported that Fujian Province is a large food production province. As of the end of 2023, there were 12,763 food production enterprises in the province, 2,429 food manufacturers above designated size, with main business income of 499.9 billion yuan.Stay at the forefront of the country.In recent years, food safety in Fujian Province has shown a stable trend.In 2023, the qualified rate of food safety supervision and random inspection of food production in the province reached 99.19%.
At the event, Comrade Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau conducted detailed interpretationEnterprises provide policy guidance and direction.Liu Yifeng, president of the Provincial Food Industry Association, called on the province’s food producers to actively act in the initiative. By optimizing the labeling position, size, sharpness and order of the production date and shelf lifeKnowing food information at a glance.
The initiative was actively responded and supported by the representatives of the participating companies. They signed on the proposal, saying that they would seriously implement optimization measures to provide consumers with more secure and transparent foods.(over)

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