Red Bean Group’s high -quality development pioneer 丨 Left gorgeous: Juli daily selling plastic explosive products, pioneer in building work

Recently, the major e -commerce platforms “618” in the middle of the middle of the big promotion is currently. In order to play this must -win battle, Hongdou (600400.SH) comfortable men’s clothing early layout “online+offline” to make power, heavy pounds, heavy pounds, heavyLaunched the second -generation red bean 0 sensory comfort shirt, and harvested the market for good reviews.Red Bean Men’s E -commerce E -commerce Second Company keenly captured the market and platform movement, insisted on making high -quality transformation of the store, grasping products in one hand, grasping traffic in one hand, focusing on the main explosive products, striving to make big daily sales, and launched the “618” outpost in advance.

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As the director of the second company of Hongdou Men’s Men’s E -commerce, Zuo Hori led the team to pay close attention to the implementation of the strategic deployment of the group and the company. Last year, I won the “38 Renewal Week”, “618”, “Double 11”, “Double 12” and other marketing activities.Daily sales increased by 31%year -on -year; sales in the first four months of 2024 increased by 43%year -on -year, profit increased by 295%year -on -year, and daily sales increased by 79%year -on -year, ranking ninth in comprehensive rankings of the Group’s three -level enterprises.E -commerce second companies have been rated as the group’s “high -quality pioneer fortress” many times in a row.Zuo Huili personally won the title of “Outstanding Party Member of the Red Dou Group”, “Excellent Management” and “Sixishan District May 1st Patriot”.In May, Zuo Hori was awarded the 13th batch of “High -quality Development Pioneer” honor in the theme of the “High -quality Development Pioneer” theme carried out by the Red Bean Group’s party committee.

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In order to welcome the “618” war in history, the left gorgeous giving full play to the spirit of the outstanding Communist Party members to take the initiative to seek things, down -to -earth officers, and the spirit of tackling the spirit, lead the team to support the upward, anchor the comfortable men’s clothing segmentation track, analyze the research and judgment and promote the new promotion.The rules follow the five strategic orientations of the platform’s “more advanced rhythm, diversified supply, brand voice, content help growth, and comprehensive channels.”

Focusing on the rhythm of the platform, the left gorgeous layout of each node task, promoting the early stage of the 2nd generation 0 sensation shirt, light cloud shirt, ice silk antibacterial POLO shirt, cool sensory leather pants and other summer main push products, make shop explosive products in advance, Trend functional products, anti -season clearance products, and four major camouflars of new products at 24 autumn; strengthen the traffic layout during the preheating phase, combine the public domain and inside stations outside the station, continuously storage of water, and make good membership.Latin, Victoria -Lao, Recall “work to enhance membership rights and comfortable shopping experience; During the outbreak of the” 618 “event, the joint platform will organize marketing activities such as” 520 “,” Dragon Boat Festival “and” Father’s Day “to grasp the” holiday economy”Opportunities, through the communication methods such as KOL, short video grass, self -a broadcasting, broadcasting, digital employees uninterrupted live broadcast methods, to accurately reach new and old users, leveraging more traffic conversion, and promoting store sales pulse growth.

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“Explosion” is the result of refinement of “products”. In addition to enhancing the exposure of the global exposure, Zuo Gori also uses the product as the basis for the survival of e -commerce.”Since doing e -commerce, the most impressive thing is that we have made the original product redefining the original product with Internet thinking. In terms of the basic color of the velvet sweaters, the team uses explosive product thinking and user thinking to surround products, products, products, and products, surrounding products, and around products, products, products, products, and products, surrounding products, products, products, and surrounding products, products, products, and surrounding products, products, products, and surrounding products, products, products, and products, and around products, wearing products, surrounding products, products, and surrounding products, products, products, and products, surrounding products, products, and surrounding products, products, products, and products, wearing products, surrounding products, and surrounding products, weThe visual, operational, and content will be improved, and the bright colors such as the lucky red, green mountain green, and clouds are added, which improves and lights up the overall matrix, and the velvet sweaters are made into the first traffic entrance of the shop in the autumn and winter.Knowing the strategy of explosive products, “Explosive products increase their sales, but also drive the conversion rate and growth of other products in the store, which has greatly boosted the team’s confidence in seeking new and changing.”

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The “opening of the door” in the “618” year -old carnival has been launched, and the sales turnover of Red Bean Men’s E -commerce E -commerce Company broke out again.Faced with the most climax of the second wave of “618”, Zuo Gori confidently stated that the team will condense the same frequency, the same frequency, the same frequency, the same frequency, the same frequency, and the main push in the same frequency.The core selling point of the product, continuously improve the ability of refined operations and incubation explosion, create a full period of rich scenes and comfortable shopping experience, further leverage traffic and daily sales growth, and fully achieve sales incremental targets!

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