Wuhan New Town, another commercial body will start, opening next year

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On April 12, Optics Valley Innovation World Commercial Exhibition Hall was open.This marks that the project’s commercial district -Innovation Tiandi Commercial Park was fully launched.The project is planned to open in the fourth quarter of 2025. At present, the main structure is basically capped, and the investment promotion work has been launched.

The Optics Valley Innovation World Project is jointly invested by Ruian Real Estate and CITIC Taifu Real Estate. It is the only comprehensive development project with an area of more than 1 million square meters.

Innovative World Commercial Park consists of 51,000 square meters of commercial districts, 70,000 square meters of ultra -high -level office buildings and 12,000 square meters of green space parks. It is the second commercial community built in Wuhan after Wuhan Tiandi.The project is based on specialty catering, leisure and entertainment, and new retail formats. It will become another large business district outside the Optics Valley Central City outside the city of Wuhan.

At present, the Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi Business Office has attracted the entry of science and technology leading enterprises such as Hikvision, Ge Lan Ruo, and rapid speed.Relevant person in charge said that with the completion of the innovation world commercial park, it will provide a high -quality consumer living environment.

Since the opening of Luxiang Plaza in 2000, Donghu High -tech Zone has taken Luxiang as its core “Dongtuo to the South”, which has basically formed “1+1+N” (that is, “Xinghe Square City -level Business Center (Optics Valley Square), Optics ValleyThe third -level business system of the central urban area -level business center and multiple parks/community commercial centers “), with a total construction area of large and medium -sized commercial facilities of about 1.8 million square meters and a per capita area of 1.5 square meters, reaching the advanced level of domestic cities.

Last year, Optics Valley issued the implementation of “ten business and commerce” to attract the heads of the business industry to settle in Optics Valley and promote the construction of characteristic commercial streets.At present, it is constructing three city-level commercial centers in Wuhan New Town Center, Optics Valley Central City, Xinghe Plaza, and 4 district-level commercial centers of Huashan, Foshan, Science Island, Longquan-Binhu. Several community commercial centers “3+4+N “level 3 -level commercial center system.It is expected that by 2025, the total construction area of large and medium -sized commercial facilities in the region will reach 2.6 million square meters.

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