The migrant workers on the construction site are cheerful and festive

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China Industry News “I participated in this Games, and I experienced the fun of exercise while I was in a nervous work. More importantly, this sports will enhance the spirit of unity and cooperation with the workers, and inspire us in the construction of the project construction.Putty and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Thank you very much for providing us with this event platform for China Railway Fourth Bureau. “Li Jianqiang, the team of the project continuous Liang team, said.
On May 22, more than 100 workers from the front line of the high -speed rail construction of Binzhou City, Binzhou City, Shandong Province gathered the construction site of the first seven standard projects of the new (Tian) Jinwei (Fang) high -speed railway station in China Railway.Dreaming New Era National Fitness Exhibition “The Migrant Workers’ Games of the Jinwei High -speed Railway Workers.
On May 22, the Migrant Workers’ Games of the Jinwei High -speed Railway Workers was held.The picture shows the game scene.Photo Conferring in China Railway Fourth Bureau
At the opening ceremony, the Binzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Bincheng Federation of Trade Unions, Xiong’an Expressway Co., Ltd., China Railway Four Company and other units jointly unveiled the Jinwei high -speed rail care of migrant workers’ volunteers, and do a good job in the real -Jinjin -Wewei high -speed rail peasants.The service guarantee shows the concern and care of the Chinese Railway Fourth Bureau for a group of migrant workers.
According to reports, this sports meeting has five items: tug of war, dry land race boats, puzzle masters, emergency rescue, and fault games. The atmosphere of the game is cheerful, and the shouts are one after another.Among them, emergency rescue projects have comprehensively tested the emergency response capabilities of migrant workers in daily production activities through simulated emergencies.
This sports meeting attracted 10 teams from the Jinwei High -speed Rail (Binzhou Section). The contestants said that they would bring the positive attitude in the sports meeting to daily work.Passionate investment in high -speed rail construction.(Song Chongchong Wu Yue Zhang Ruowu)

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