"Chinese knot" is hidden in the "panda and Hibiscus Flower 2025 in the Chengdu World Games. The emblem was officially released

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Cover reporter Lai Fangjie
On May 17, the International World Games Association (IWGA) and the Chengdu World Games Executive Committee officially released the emblem of the Chengdu World Games in 2025.The emblem design is inspired by Chinese pandas, hibiscus flowers and Chinese knots, with Chinese red, golden sandy yellow, park green, panda black, and snow mountain white.
As an important symbol of the Chengdu World Games in 2025, the emblem effectively conveyed the Olympic spirit and highlighted the traditional Chinese elements and the characteristics of Chengdu, and demonstrated the values of “unity, tolerance, and diversity”.
International World Games Association and 2025 Chengdu World Games Alliance emblem
China’s “open out” hibiscus flowers
Fighting out cute giant pandas
The emblem of the Chengdu World Games, which was officially released on the same day, is bright and simple in shape: the peripheral semicircular pattern and the triangle arranged internally, which is surrounded by a blooming hibiscus flower;Cute cartoon giant panda.
Although the emblem is a static graphic, it is very dynamic: the colored petals and the face of panda are based on the center of the center.The fireworks, such as the power of surging, are exciting, just as the World Games will bring us surprises next year.
2025 Chengdu World Games horizontal emblem
The designer of the emblem is John Fairley, a well -known British designer.Fern, 56, is a member of the Royal Society and a member of the British Frank Designer Association.His design experience has exceeded 20 years, and has led brand design in many internationally renowned creative design institutions, and has a good reputation in the industry.
John Felley told reporters that his emblem design inspired mainly from three elements: Chinese knot, giant panda and hibiscus flower.
“The composition of the emblem refers to the shape of the Chinese knot. This ancient manual weaving crafts is simple and beautiful, symbolizing unity, prosperity, and luck. It can change various forms, as if the Rubik’s cube made of knots is very fascinated by me.”Fern said,” The ears of the semi -circular simulation giant panda in the pattern can also be regarded as the hibiscus petals of the geometric form.”
After identifying the representative elements of China and Chengdu, Felley further combined Chengdu’s urban temperament with the sports spirit of the World Games, giving the triangle “arrow” the meaning of diversity and sense of direction.The event project and the vibrant sports spirit convey to the audience.
“The method of arrangement and combination of each other’s independent arrangement is not only related to each other.Respect is often the most vividly reflected in the sports field. “Felley said.” I sincerely hope: next summer, athletes from different ethnic groups around the world can completeA competition full of friendship and going all out. “
Five main colors
Highlight diversification and urban style
The beauty of Chengdu, of course, not only giant pandas and hibiscus flowers: Chinese red, golden sandy yellow, park green, panda black, as well as the five main color choices of the emblem as the background, but also the designer’s meaning.
“Red is the most recognizable color of Chinese culture in the world; yellow is the color of the Sands Site Museum’s Sun God Bird and Golden Mask, which symbolizes the long history and thick cultural heritage on this land;The most pleasant colors of the cities in multiple parks are also reflected by Chengdu’s good and natural ecology; black is one of the most eye -catching colors of giant pandas, while white symbolizes the background of the snow mountain. This beautiful city is colorful and clean as new as new as new.”Said”.
It is clear to the various characteristics of Chengdu because Felley has long been longing for the ancient east direction. I have read many books introduced in China before.”After deciding to participate in the collection of the emblem design, I checked a lot of information about Sichuan and Chengdu, which focused on the historical culture and natural resources of Chengdu.” He said, “The more you know the city, the more I will, the more I will,Feel that you are attracted by the ease of life, rich and beautiful natural scenery, and modern diversified urban appearance. “
3562 submission excellent selection best
Show the concept of “beauty and beauty, beauty and beauty”
It is reported that the emblem selection of the World Games lasted nearly 5 months.After the solicitation of the global launch on December 28, 2023, it received 3,562 works from the domestic and foreign emblem for emblem in 2 months, of which there were refreshing outstanding works.
At the beginning of April this year, the emblem, slogan and mascot review of the World Games were held in Chengdu. 23 well -known designers, senior experts and researchers, including Han Meilin, senior professor of liberal arts in Tsinghua University, Qian Zhe, the head of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games image landscape designWe reviewed the collection of shortlisted works, determined 5 candidates’ emblems from the 10 finalists, and launched the emblem of the World Games with the public of the public.
The 5 -day like activity attracted more than 100,000 participants, and praised more than 220,000 times.The “Hibiscus Panda China Known” emblem designed by John Felley ranked first with 55679 votes and was the most popular.In the end, the joint review committee consisting of the Organizing Committee of the Chengdu World Games and IWGA agreed that the emblem finally officially appeared.
Han Meilin, director of the Evaluation of the Huihui Exchange and Senior Professor of Liberal Arts of Tsinghua University, said that the selection adheres to the “speaking with works” and comprehensively scores focused on the perspective of professional performance, market performance, and urban cultural performance.The ultimate emblem that was finalized made the traditional Chinese culture, the image of Chengdu and the World Games, and made high -level and diverse expressions.Not only shows the concept of “beauty and beauty, beauty and the United States” and the beautiful vision of building a community of human destiny, but also conveys the values such as “unity, tolerance, diversity”.Suitable for the emblem of the Chengdu World Games in 2025.
Knowing that his design was selected, John Felley was very happy and said that he was looking forward to the opportunity to come to Chengdu during the World Games next year.”At that time, I must go to taste the authentic snacks, stroll around Wuhou Temple and Jinli, go to the panda breeding research base, and look at those cute big babies at close range.”
The reporter learned from the Executive Committee of the Chengdu World Games that after the emblem was officially released, according to the advancement of preparation, the slogan and mascot of the Chengdu World Games are expected to be officially announced in August this year.
(This article is based on the Preparatory Committee of the World Games)

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