Fashion Weekly | L’Oreal Paris carried a number of women to pass the power of "I am worth having", and Kyan’s calendula "Qinghuo" water milk new

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Cover reporter Zhang Fuchao Guo Kexin Deng Jingxuan
L’Oreal, Paris, is worthy of women’s strength. “I am worth having”
As a global beauty leader brand, L’Oreal, Paris has been committed to empowering women, encouraging every woman to dominate her life, break the traditional concept, and establish self -confidence.L’Oreal, Paris, joined hands with women from different fields in the world, self -confidence, and extraordinary women to present diversified beauty and strength, and perfectly interpret the value of feminist value of self -improvement.
On April 18, L’Oreal, Paris is worth it.Women from all walks of life gathered on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Cross -circle talks to convey the power of “I am worth having” to witness the time to witness.The event invites women of different industries and different ages to share their stories on stage.Use personal experience to encourage more new forces, discover their beauty, and let more women’s power happen in order in the future.
From the hottest brand spokespersons, to ordinary but hard -working women; from scientists who promote industry development, to college student leaders who love scientific research; from industry leaders and heroes in different times and fields, to different ages and styles of majors in different ages and stylesModels, ordinary consumers; they use the language of their lives and a new form of catwalk to interpret and convey the story and spirit of “worth”!
Kiehl ’s Kieyan calendula” Qinghuo “water milk new listing
In April, Kiehl’s Calendcin “Qinghuo” water milk was unveiled. This product uses Kiehl’s refined and high -efficiency formula to directly reimburse the recipe to hit the root source of 3 heavy root sources.Deeply eliminate inflammation to prevent acne from explaking, and at the same time enhance skin inflammation resistance, truly realize a set of water milk to end the problem of acne repeated problems; it does not contain flavors, pigments, soap -based, nicobolin preservatives, etc.To cause acne ingredients, sensitive muscles can also be easily used.
It is worth mentioning that Kiehl’s Golden Cumulature Essence toner is a favorite item. It is rich in 5 activity essences.Balance, comprehensively improve skin problems such as redness, closed mouth and pores.In addition, as a new product launched in April, the new Kiehl’s Calendcar’s soothing balance of the lotion contains magical causal essence, and multiple planting and soothing matrices such as extracts, tea extracts, and flowers of flowers.Help to clear the fire from the root, control acne and suppress the skin, soothing and improving the skin.
PUMA brand pop -up experience store landing in Chengdu
On April 19, PUMA “Hero, Different” brand pop -up experience store officially opened in Chengdu. With the brand spirit innovation of PUMA “Forever. FASTER.”Essence
This PUMA brand pop -up experience store is located in Chunxi Road business district, known as the “Chengdu Natural Fashion Show”.The appearance of the store adopts a modern avant -garde design and a distinctive color matching, showing the brand spirit of Puma “Forever. FASTER.”, Bringing a strong visual impact of a sense of speed and technology.The overall design integration builds exquisite conflict, balance and speed, and shows the vanguard of the PUMA brand’s pioneering trend.Participants can feel PUMA’s brand history, experience rich and diverse products, and participate in interactive and win limited gifts.
Casetify opens to reshape the new journey, leading green sustainable trend
At the time of the world and earth day, the international trending lifestyle brand Casetify launched the special plan for 2024 with the theme of “Journey To RE/BIRTH” theme.For a long time, Casetify has deeply cultivated the field of environmental protection, with the mission of innovation and sustainable development, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and actively carried out the “RE/CASETIFY to reshape the new life” mobile phone case recycling plan.People jointly reduce the burden on the earth.This plan can create products that are durable and sustainable by covering the recycling old shell, polishing processing, and regeneration to operate the new raw materials “RE/CASETIFY Granules” and the four stages of the production of new products.
During World Earth Day, the inspiration space for “Journey To RE/BIRTH to reshape the newborn journey” will also land on Aana on April 27th, inviting you to unlock the green inspiration world full of time!The “Earth Fireworks” created by the environmentally friendly installation artist Naoyin will also be stunning at the scene. Under the reflection of the luminis, witness the romance of the rebirth of the old thing!

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