National elements+modern clothing!Nanning’s costume show is so amazing

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April 19th

“Gorgeous Niushu” Guangxi National Clothing Show

Held in Nanning

“Gorgeous Nuosu” Guangxi National Clothing Show is one of the important activities of “March of Guangxi March · Bazui Carnival” in 2024. It is divided into three chapters: “Ancestral House Collection”, “Splendid New Makeup” and “Meng Children’s Flower Clothing”.


Concentrate to display the 12th home nation in Guangxi, more than 170 sets of exquisite non -hereditary costumes, national fashion clothing, children’s national costumes,Through the form of fashion, life, series, and branding, ethnic elements are organically integrated with modern clothing, non -heritage arts and fashion styles, full sets of clothing and pendant accessories to fully display Guangxi’s colorful national costume culture.


It is reported that since 2022, the “magnificent neon” Guangxi National Clothing Show has been successfully held for three sessions. The event has actively created a fashion brand that is suitable for the public through the form of government -led and enterprise participation., An important platform to the world.


This year, the organizer organized the cultural style of autonomous counties and universities in ethnic areas such as Sanjiang Dai Autonomous County, Jinxiuyao Autonomous County and other ethnic areas to show national costumes.Creative transformation and innovative development, constantly satisfying people’s longing for a better life, so that traditional culture blooms a brighter light in the new era.

Source: Nanning Radio and Television Station


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