Hebei strengthens internal audit work

This newspaper (Reporter Zhou Hongsong) “The audited unit shall classify and rectify the problems found in the audit. If rectification can be completed during the audit process or in the short term, it shall immediately organize the rectificationThe “Regulations on the Internal Auditing Work of Hebei Province (Trial)” was issued to further standardize and strengthen the internal audit work of the Hebei education system, promote internal audit work to adapt to the requirements of the development of the new situation, improve the quality of internal audit, serve the high quality of the education of Hebei Province in Hebei Provincedevelop.

The “Provisions” revised by the Hebei Provincial Department of Education a total of 83 chapters and 43 articles, which have comprehensively regulated organizational leadership, guidance and supervision, institutional construction, responsibilities and authority, audit procedures, problem rectification and results of results.Based on the “Regulations on the Education System internal Audit Work”, “Regulations on the Education System”, “Regulations on the Internal Audit Regulations of Hebei Province” and other relevant laws and regulations, it emphasizes the party’s leadership of internal audit work, clarifies the political attributes and principles of internal audit work, and for educationSpecific requirements for the construction of institutional teams, scope of responsibility, and internal audit procedures for internal audit institutions have put forward specific requirements.

The “Regulations” also strengthened the rectification and results of audit issues, and clearly clarified the responsibility of the audit and rectification of the audit unit and the responsibility of the first responsible person of the audit rectification of the audit rectification.The important basis of personnel appointment and removal and rewards and punishments.

“China Education News”, April 26, 2024, 3rd edition 

(Reporter Yang Sanxi) On April 24th, the starting ceremony of the 3rd National Reading Conference · “Reading New Era” theme essay activity was held in Kunming.Relevant persons in charge from relevant publishing houses, newspapers, universities, and primary and secondary schools, nearly 100 people including the award -winning authors and outstanding organization representatives and media representatives of the theme essay event in 2023.

As one of the key theme activities of the National Reading Conference, the theme of the “Reading New Era” was guided by the Central Propaganda Department Publishing Bureau, the China Publishing Association, the China Journal Association, hosted by China Press and Publication Media Group, Guangxi Publishing Media Group, China Women’s News Agency, China, ChinaCo -sponsored by Education News Agency, hosted by the “Publishing of China” magazine.The essay event will be a collection of book reviews, journals, reading experiences, etc. from April 24 to December 24, 2024 to key groups such as readers, especially teenagers, etc., and guide readers, Deepen the understanding of the connotation of the new era, and enhance the spiritual power of comprehensively promoting the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization and the great cause of national rejuvenation.

As the media industry media, China Education Newspaper has always attached great importance to promoting teachers and students to read. It has held the top ten people’s selection activities for the annual promotion of reading for 20 consecutive years.Power brand.In the context of the deep integration of the media, the China Education News Agency has further integrated resources, deeply cultivating the front, and bold innovation.Display and other methods to promote the reading of teachers and students and achieve good social effects.

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