Shaanxi Province is focusing on deepening family education to build a new pattern of collaborative education

  Shaanxi Province adheres to the guidance of the Socialist ideology of the Supreme Leadership in the new era, earnestly study and implement the important discussion of the Supreme Leadership General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership and the spirit of the important speech in Shaanxi.Effectively connect with school education and social education to jointly promote the healthy growth and comprehensive development of minors.

  Improve the organizational system and improve the guarantee of the system and mechanism.Established the Provincial Basic Education and Teaching Guidance Committee, set up a family education special committee to give full play to the role of think tanks, and publicize the “Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other laws and regulations through various channels to helpThe majority of parents establish a correct view of education and talent, and master the scientific educational concepts and methods.The five departments and other departments of the Provincial Department of Education jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Work of Family Social Social Cooperation and Education in the Provincial Schools”, clarify the goals, implementation channels, and work requirements of family education guidance services, and strive to build government -led, departmental cooperation, schools, schools, schools, schoolsOrganize and social participation in family education work pattern.Focusing on the establishment of the parent committee and the parent school, the head of the school (park), the director of the moral education, the class teacher, the moral education teacher and the mental health teacher, the family education working mechanism participated in the participation of experts, scholars and outstanding parents, to form the same partnershipEducate people.At present, the province’s primary and secondary school kindergartens have generally established a parent committee with a coverage rate of more than 95%; parent school covers more than 80%in urban primary and secondary school kindergarten schools, and the coverage rate in rural schools reaches more than 70%.

  Pay close attention to quality improvement and strengthen family education guidance.Focusing on teachers’ training and patrol lectures, the “family education guidance backbone teacher training” is listed as the task of the province’s kindergarten teachers and school (garden) in the province’s primary and secondary schools.Well -known experts carry out 7 special lectures and case teaching for the backbone teachers of the kindergarten family education guidance in primary and secondary schools in the province, and continuously improve the level of family education guidance.Organize the lecture on family education, normalize the guidance of family education concepts, and combine online and offline methods. It has held 132 family education tour activities in the province, covering 14 cities (districts).For more than 10,000 people, parents participated in 4 million people, 1.6 million students, and more than 500,000 teachers, which effectively promoted home -school collaboration.Innovate the form and methods of family education. In primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, family education is gradually incorporated into daily management. Through regularly organizing parent -child reading, parent opening day, parent reception day, family education theme publicity weekLecture halls and other activities help parents actively explore effective ways to family education, and promote the quality and efficiency of family education guidance services.

  Pay attention to demonstration leadership and stimulate the motivation to collaborate.Carry out the creation of the school’s college demonstration base for primary and secondary schools. 60 primary and secondary school college demonstration bases have been established to effectively play a leading role in demonstration, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and promote the work level of primary and secondary school college in the region.Carry out typical cases of family education in primary and secondary schools, solicit the school (park) commander to carry out outstanding cases of home -school cooperation, parents to carry out excellent family education cases, etc.;Education Experimental Area.Carrying out the creation of family education innovation practice bases, 5 units were named “National Family Education Innovation Practice Base”.

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