The people have called for the education of Hangzhou community education.

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The General Secretary of the Supreme Leader pointed out: “The community is the foundation of the grassroots. Only the foundation is solid can the national building be stable.” On May 23, 2003, the Supreme Leader comrades in the first visit of Cuiyuan District, which made the people call for the people.Our starting point and ending point, the people call, I responded, the people whispered, I did something, to do practical things for the residents and the masses.
The small community, shining with warm thousands of lights, also accommodated the managers “people call me to do” the branches and leaves.This is a life harbor in the neighborhood, and it is also an important platform for implementing lifelong education.The relevant person in charge of the Education Bureau of Hangzhou Education Bureau said: “For a long time, Hangzhou has adapted to local conditions to integrate the community’s educational resources, venue resources, and human resources in the community, and provides targeted and applicable lifelong learning space for residents in the jurisdiction.It is undoubtedly the meaning of “promoting the comprehensive development of people and the comprehensive progress of society”
Han Guanghui, a student of cursive script, came to the Cuiyuan Community in Cuiyuan Community after retirement, studying calligraphy, and accompanied by Han Mo. He was lamented: For decades, he was busy with work and had no time to take care of it.EssenceAs a national -level learning city and the quality of life quality for many years, in Hangzhou, many people like Han Guanghui enjoy high -quality community education at the doorstep.
Listening response: Cracking parents’ annoyance problems
In 2018, the Supreme Leadership Secretary said in Shanghai in Shanghai that “the community is the nerve ending of the party committee and the government to contact the masses and serve the masses.Essence
Adhering to the “people call me for me” and build a complete inclusive community and layout of high -quality community education, it is a vivid interpretation of the people -centered development thinking.
Of course, in order to solve these “troubles” and “worry”, we must first accurately grasp the needs and listen to public opinion in an all -round way. We must not build the “Sky Pavilion” or just do “surface kung fu.”Many times, community education should use keen perception to propose a proper “solution” from the trivial matters and emotional needs of residents.
For example, what is the most “hot” topic in family life, growth and childcare, and community concerns?There must be “parent -child relationships” in the top topics.
The Cuiyuan Tang Miao community is very clear about this: On this issue, on the one hand, children have to take classes, and on the other hand, parents naturally learn.In response to this, the community will organize lectures on family education into normalized work and integrate into the community education system.
“Everyone knows that we have to drive a driver’s license on the road. Teachers need to be a teacher qualification certificate. Although parents do not have a certificate, they still need to learn from educating children.” Teacher Changqiu said to parents.
“Why are you so stupid?” “You have lost your face as a point of testing.” “What does it look like?”
In the lecture, Mr. Changqiu listed a series of words of the most harmful children to the parents. At the same time, the scene restore was performed to let the parents stand at the angle of the child and feel the “weight” of these scolding, so that the parents set themselves in their own place and harvest the empathy.
“Relationship is the prerequisite for education. Good relationships are better than good education. Establishing good communication with children, and positive words will give people the power to change.” Teacher Changqiu said frankly.
Dry -filled lectures, the main points of cutting, paying attention to practical results, and solving problems. Parents’ applause bursts, expressing their affirmation from the heart.
What is related to the growth of children is not only parent -child relationship, but also very realistic after -school pick -up and school -age child custody issues.Let children walk a few minutes and let parents relieve anxiety. The community education in Hangzhou always uses the people’s “urgency and sorrow” as the starting point. Through the “substitution” thinking, it plays a warm bridge.
With the development of Hangzhou cities eastward, the number of citizens in Jiubao and Dinglan in Shangcheng District increased year by year. The distance between new schools is far away from school, and the pressure of pick -up and delivery has become a difficult problem for the people’s hearts.
In order to meet the needs of the children of residents’ approaching school and the optimization of parents, the schools under the jurisdiction of streets such as Jiubao and Dinglan have formed 50 training courses and 18 teaching points.This method of operation has opened up with community education resources, playing a good role.The relevant person in charge introduced: “On the one hand, the teacher can” put down the chopsticks a few steps to go to the classroom ‘; on the other hand, most of these teachers’ children also study in nearby schools.As parents come to the classroom, the two generations listen to class and grow together.
Heart -warming characteristics: Create a happy world of children
Young and children are the future of the motherland, and it is also a spiritual bond that affects all emotions.”Young have educated” is one of the focus of community work.In Hangzhou land, while the “people’s satisfaction education” cause continues to be promoted, the community education space for parent -child and school -age children is also in the ascendant, showing the beauty of beauty and beauty, becoming an important supplement to improve adolescent education and family education.
In Qiaoqiao Street in Shangcheng District, in the cold season of spring, a warm “笕伢” Yue opera culture festival is kicked off here.15 Parent -child families use immersive, open, and diversified creative teaching at the event site to deeply feel the unique charm of Yue opera in depth.
“It sounds good -looking and fun! The first time I have the opportunity to contact the non -heritage drama from zero distance, it is too vivid and interesting.” The face of first -year elementary school students was filled with excitement and joy.There are “dramas” when the eyebrows flow, and their hands are “recruiting.”
The foundation of community education is the basis of approaching the people, listening to the needs, and reasonable planning, so that the design of the content and the creation of scenes can promote the cultural traditions of the territory and meet the needs of the current audience.
In the early investigation, the Shangcheng District Community College conducted in -depth discussions with the community residents, parents, and school -age children. Based on the growth needs of children at different ages, the college considered it from the target objects and curriculum systems to create children with convenient and inclusive children.The Creative Museum is characterized by small class teaching and personalized development, and conducts various creative training for children aged 3-6 to allow children to experience it in participation, experience in experience, and improve children’s artistic literacy, learning quality and thinking ability.
“Bringing, leading, full cycle care …” These may be the biggest “value” or “fine” of community education.
Regarding this, Mr. Xu in Shangcheng District has experienced it.”At the beginning, I just registered for the child in the” Creative Museum “and joined the two classes of creative art and dance. At that time, we received a learning card, but then we were surprised to find that this was not just a child.The learning card, or a family learning card, the family can find a learning training activity on the platform introduced on the learning card! “
Mr. Xu is very happy. “Like my parents, I especially like healthy courses. My wife and I can learn about family education knowledge and workplace skills in the process of accompanying their children.”
In this sense, community education to break the age level of age, knowledge structure, lecture content, and curriculum projects that break through boundaries, respond to demand, and flexible adjustment.Family and communities form a closer community, giving more space for love and warmth.
Mr. Xu said, “This kind of parent -child education activity makes us surprise, making the relationship between the family more and more harmonious. The daughter began to study health recipes with grandpa. The couple often explore the educational concept.’Classmates’, pulling closer each other. “
In the environment of increasingly accelerated life rhythm, general social pressure, mobile terminals, etc., mobile terminals and other mobile terminals have become increasingly becoming the environment of people’s attention.Emotional is a vivid interpretation of “people call me”.
Innovative quality: build young people’s vibrant home
Where is the demand and where the response is; where is the voices and where the creativity is.
In the process of rapid development of urban areas, citizens have generated new demands in pace with the times in leisure life, literary hobbies, and social exercise.How to meet the rich and lively ideas of the new generation of young people, how to make community education resources a “brand space” that residents are happy, participating, and sharing, Hangzhou’s community education, with innovative thinking and “cross -border” attempts, Surprove a lot of dazzling answers.
The blue peacock community in Xiangfu Street, Gongshu District is such a very fashionable “foreign” space.Unlike the slow rhythm and aging of traditional community education, from the aspects of scene construction, atmosphere construction, and project settings, the needs of young groups -music lovers can rehearse chorus here, play, professor Ukri canLine; young mothers of “Hot Mom Club” can gather together to listen to classes and exchanges, and discuss the experience of workplace and family education; in addition, foreign languages, yoga, Latin, fitness, calligraphy and painting, weaving, and even gaming … all kinds of courses in the community allowsPeople are dazzling.
Gao Jie, secretary of the Party Branch of the Blue Peacock Community, said: “The Blue Peacock Community was established in 2018. At that time, the party and mass service center, which was constructed simultaneously, collected a large number of residents’ needs opinions.”
As a typical large -scale large -scale community, after visiting the row, community staff found that most of the more than 7,300 households here are mainly new Hangzhou people.
“For example, the” Hot Mom Society “, we found that there are many young mothers in the community, and have a strong desire for studying in parenting and postpartum job hunting. So they set up a community to gather them together to learn and communicate together.” Gao Jie said.
What kind of community space and community education services are the most popular with residents?Ask for the people, the young and vibrant group of residents voted for the votes in their hands to the supporting construction of libraries, gyms, and nursery.
Today, the community learning community in the community has a colorful community. There are about 250 courses and activities held in a year; special scenes such as urban study, people’s gym have become residents’ learning, leisure, fitness gathering place;The blue peacock neighbor center, the 24 -hour library is always full of residents who come here to read and learn.On the traffic recorder, the number is close to 400,000 people.Since 2007, under the vigorous promotion of the Hangzhou Institute of Education and Science, the city has vigorously explored and innovated the “growth” community education model. At present, the city has more than 8,000 community learning communities and is active in the majority of urban and rural back streets.It is warmly welcomed by the people.
Starting from the north of Hangzhou City, looking at the river sector in the south, there is also a popular new state of community education–
“This community school is too hot! It is difficult to find!” Every time in the school season, teachers from Jiang Elderly University in Xihu District have always moved to residents’ rich learning enthusiasm.This is an elderly university, but it is very pleasing that there are many young people in the students.
In the early investigation, community schools found that residents in the surrounding communities have relocated farmers, as well as intellectuals who relocated the construction of surrounding universities, and the families of young engineers who work in various Internet factories in Binjiang.This forms a demand for different levels of community education.
In response to this situation, the school adheres to the school -running idea of “high or low”, and set up a chorus class and fitness classes for the public, focusing on the study of local culture research, elegant and exquisite tea art classes, and full fullIt is a vibrant sports dance class.
The reporter learned that the most fundamental reason for the popularity of the elderly University of Zhijiang is the quality of the curriculum.
First of all, the teacher is very professional. The school integrates the resources of the surrounding universities, and invited teachers of colleges and universities to teach.The proportion of undergraduate, graduate and above in teaching teachers accounts for 80%.Among them, there are national martial arts championships, a first -class sports dance referee, professional actors in the troops, and returnees for studying abroad …
Secondly, the combination of the teaching system and the work scenario shows the effectiveness of value.College teachers apply their professional knowledge and skills to social services, which not only actively presents wonderful classrooms, but also different ways of thinking also driven and infect students.The meaning of guidance.
“In order to continuously enrich my spiritual life, I signed up to study Guzheng for elderly universities. Here, the active emotions of their uncle and aunts make people feel sunshine.Young Wang’s classmate was emotional.
Caring for color increase: up to the happy life of the elderly
The old man, the ambition is in thousands of miles.Even if they enter the dusk of life, they still want to have an elegant “sunset red”.This is the voice of the elderly group, and it is also a warm “response” given by the Hangzhou community education.
In 2022, Hangzhou Community University and Alibaba cooperated to carry out the “Hangxue Tong · Xiaotong Jacket” Hangzhou Silver Ling Ling Smart Learning Careful Service Activities, launched the “Jianhang Music Cup” Hangzhou Silver Lingling Intelligent Learning Point Challenge, and provided the daily life of the silver age group.More learning opportunities.Among the ten people’s livelihood practical projects of the Hangzhou Municipal Government in 2023, there are “full coverage of the construction of township (street) elderly schools.”
Focusing on the goal of protecting the “sunset red”, Yuhang Community Education actively promoted the accurate landing of people’s livelihood projects, and was committed to opening up the “last mile” of elderly education in the form of colorful activities.
“In terms of running the school environment, 12 elderly schools in the district have invested about 2 million in total, mainly used for cultural construction, increased equipment, and aging renovation.”In terms of connotation development, towns and streets focus on “one school, one product” to build an elderly school brand, and provide solid position guarantee for the new development of elderly education.
Yuhang Elderly Education is very rich in teaching themes, such as current affairs politics, health care, traditional culture, health education, anti -fraud training, smartphone application training, etc., are all teaching content for the elderly.According to statistics, in the fall of 2023, the entire district’s elderly schools recruited a total of 95 long -term classes for a total of 3,600 people to school.
“Due to the time of time”, in the special courses of the Shangcheng District Community College, it was also reflected in the system.Here, the smartphone class is one of the most popular courses for the elderly.Speaking of the origin and the beginning of the heart, the college’s answer is very warm: “People learned, I should teach.”
In the past, the old Zhao’s life in the community was a “gray”, and his wife had just killed him because of illness.Children are usually not around, and his life becomes lonely and monotonous.He picked up the smart phone given to him before his son, and wanted to video with the child, but he couldn’t make it.
“Want to video with your family”, “I want to learn mobile phone payment”, “I want to take pictures with my mobile phone” … At that time, there were many elderly people who wanted to learn using smartphones like Lao Zhao.
In order to eliminate the digital gap and let more elderly people participate and enjoy the intelligent life, since 2016, the “Smart Mobile Phone” course in the “Loying Academy” Elderly Education Project of the Shangcheng District Community College, free recruiting elderly students, 30 peopleThe left and right are a class to carry out public welfare teaching of smartphones, and continuously optimize the course according to the implementation of teaching and feedback.
Lao Zhao became a student of the smartphone class of the Shangcheng District Community College.This learning opened a new door for Lao Zhao.The teacher installed WeChat and taught him how to use it.”Now I have a video with my son and granddaughter every day. Life has become‘ wooden ’.” The fullness of happiness was revealed on Lao Zhao’s face.
With the completion of the batch of students, some students returned to the community to become a smartphone training volunteer, radiating more people.Last year, 16,073 elderly groups in the “Smart helping the old” served the jurisdiction.Many elderly people open a new dream runway in the second half of their lives.
Community education, ask the people.In the future, the community education in Hangzhou will adhere to the idea of “the people call me”, and take the voice of the people as the starting point and settlement point of the work.The age group can enjoy community education with quality and temperature, and experience a lifelong learning life that is more happy, gain, and satisfy.

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