Foshan Haitian Seasoning Food Co., Ltd. should grasp the emerging consumer demand in the field of catering in time

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  Recently, the “2024 China Catering Industry Summit” co -sponsored by the CCTV, Red, and Liangzhi Long · China ingredients E -commerce Festival was held in Wuhan Guobo Center · Han Hall.The summit will discuss the development trend worthy of attention in the tide of the times through the in -depth exchanges of experts in many fields such as the catering industry, investment, and academia.During the summit, Tang Liang, director of the sales director of Hai Tian Prefecture Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Haitianwei Industry”) in Foshan City, accepted an exclusive interview with the column group of the “Yangfeng Facial”. The following is an exclusive record.

  Moderator: What do you think of the development status of the catering industry?

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