China’s diving "Dream Team" 8 gold officials, Wanjiale helped sports athletes to fight Xi’an

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On April 21, the 2024 World Swimming Diving World Cup Finals ended at the Swimming and Diving Hall of the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center.In the last competition day, Chen Taro and Yang Hao won the women’s and men’s single 10 -meter championship respectively.At this point, the Chinese diving team has won all the 8 projects participating in the participation, and once again shows the strength of the diving “Dream Team”.As a partner of the Chinese National Diving Team, Wanjiale once again appeared in the Xi’an World Cup and witnessed the diving “Dream Team” in the field.

Get 8 gold, Dream Team Sword refers to the Olympic Games

In 2024, the Xi’an Diving World Cup, as the highest -level diving single event held by the World Swimming Federation, is also the last major event before the Paris Olympics this year. It is of vital to the maintenance of players in various countries and inspection strength.In this competition, the Chinese diving team sent Olympic champions such as Quanhong, Chen Taro Xi, Wang Zongyuan, Xie Siyi, etc., and strived to achieve excellent results to present a high -level diving event for audiences across the country.

In the women’s 10 -meter Taiwan finals that day, Chen Taro and Quan Hongyu once again staged the “Peak Duel”. After 5 rounds of fierce competition, Chen Taro won the championship with 443.20 points, and Quan Hongzheng won the runner -up with 410.70 points.After the game, Chen Taro said in an interview that the arrival of the audience at the scene gave her very great encouragement, allowing her to mobilize the best state in the game.Faced with the upcoming Paris Olympics this year, Quanhong said that the next time will continue to train and adjust the status, and prepare for the Olympic Games.

In the subsequent men’s 10m Taiwan finals, Yang Hao played stable and won the championship with 557.60 points, adding another gold medal to the Chinese team.At this point, all the competitions for this diving World Cup finals ended, and the Chinese team won 9 gold and 1 silver with 9 medals.As a strategic partner of the Chinese National Diving Team, Wanjiale also witnessed the time of winning the diving “Dream Team” with the audience to applaud the athletes on the field.

Together with the national team to create fancy marketing

As the fields of Wanjiale and the China National Diving team have continued to expand, the content is deepening, and the level of continuous improvement, the win -win value contained in the cooperation between the two parties has also been continuously enlarged, making Wanjiale gradually deepened in the field of sports marketing.

On the eve of the start of the Xi’an Diving World Cup in 2024, Wanjiale and the Chinese National Diving Team joint event again made new tricks, and the pop -up activity with the theme of “SHAN Liang Liang and Loying together” landed in Xi’an Dali City.During the event, Wanjiale brought new products with its water heater and kitchen and bathroom sets, attracting consumers’ stop and experience.There are also immersive theme punch points such as eating new “net”, precision small experts, and masters of balance. Consumers can not only taste the food cooking for Wanjiale Kitchen Appliances on the spot, but also through a variety of interactive games, immersive types, immersive typesExperience the charm of smart kitchen and bathroom lifestyle.

This time, through the “SHAN Liang Deng Jie” pop -up event, Wanjiale combined its kitchen and bathroom products, offline activities with online marketing, and created a marketing model of “online+offline” dual channels, which most widely touched young users.In order to build a deep -seated emotional connection to further enhance the brand’s awareness and reputation.It is reported that during the Paris Olympic Games this year, Wanjiale will also cooperate with the Chinese National Diving Team to carry out a series of theme marketing activities to continue to bring more innovative products to users and smart kitchen bathroom solutions.

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