The fencing champion team players enter the entertainment industry to drive the young people to pay attention to the movement

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The film “Le Dao Yuan”, which has gathered many Hollywood coffees, is an epic war -level historical film and television work that focuses on the Western David Concentration Camp in the context of World War II.According to reports, the film is expected to start filming in Weifang, Shandong, China in October 2024. It will be released globally in 2025.Among them, the role played by Mark Leung, who graduated from the University of Notre Dame, has obtained a dual degree of marketing bachelor and a bachelor’s degree in film literature, a 16 -year -old Japanese boy named Ono Kenan.

According to Johnny D. Hushsia, a well -known Chinese director of Hollywood, Liang Yong’s image temperament is very suitable for this role, and he has learned the musical instrument skills of piano and cello since childhood, as well as the advantages of fencing, Judo, etc., and also made him even more to the role.Available.Liang Yong’s mother told reporters that Liang Yong had high requirements on herself, so the schedule was also very full.”He usually goes home in the afternoon to practice the piano first, and drove for more than an hour to go to fencing training. After getting home at 10 pm, he eats homework. If he encounters a music competition, you need to practice the cello until late at night.”

“I started practicing fencing since I was 10 years old, the flower sword started, and after a year, I practiced the sword.” Liang Yong said in an interview that I would like to thank my parents very much.Swimming, taekwondo, baseball, etc. are involved, but the longest and most fulfilling sense of accomplishment is the fencing.

所 ꀩ ꀩ, Liang Yong’s Virgin University Fencing Team is the US NCAA Grade A team. The fencing champion team in 2021, 20122, and 20123. He has won the bronze medal of the North American Cup Fencing Tour, the US Youth Olympic Group Silver Medal, and won three times.Choose the U.S. Youth Team, and went to Germany, Austria and the United States to participate in the World Cup.

Sports to create anti -compressive skills

“Training is hard. If you want to fencing for a long time, you must enter the ideal college fencing team. This requires maintaining excellent academic and outstanding results.” In addition to hardships, he said that fencing also needs strong psychological tolerance.

“Due to the fierce competition and the uncertainty caused by other objective factors in the game, success may only be in a moment. I also experienced too much training pressure or accidental mistakes in the field.In any case, you must quickly adjust your emotions, and then collapse also politely to thank the referee, congratulate your opponents, and receive the coach guidance after the end, and to save experience for the next game. “He said that these experiences are all about him.The acting career is very helpful, because the mentality is crucial, and you can stick to the end of chasing the dream of performing arts.

“Sometimes I have to write homework on the plane flying to the foreign state, and use the waiting field to learn on the field. Sometimes I rush to take a red -eye flight back. I go directly to the school to go to school. Now I think it is really hard.”The clouds he laughed were light and light, and it seemed to be telling an ordinary little thing.”Although the process is hard, I have exercised my ability to self -discipline, hard work, and competition.

In addition, Liang Yong believes that all -year -old exercise experience also created his need to have a body and body as an actor, and gave him a tough spirit.”I will also use some methods summarized in the exercise into the acting career. I also hope that when everyone sees my play, I can encourage more young people to engage in sports activities, which will benefit people for life.”


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